Accessories Fitment

Dial a Battery
The average car battery will last anywhere from two to three years. The exact lifespan is dependent on varying factors but the two biggest culprits responsible for shortening a battery’s lifespan are surrounding temperature and driving habits. Also there are a number of telltale signs that alerts the motorist when the end is near i.e. sluggish cranking, flickering headlights or a warning light on the dashboard. However, in the unfortunate event of your car battery failing on you, Dial-A-Battery is at your service as we provide 24/7 battery replacement for cars in three of the eight United Arab Emirates cities.

We operate as a mobile, emergency roadside battery replacement service that will provide roadside car battery replacement and other automotive assistance services at your convenience. We extend our service throughout UAE and pride ourselves on a short response time of just a few minutes from your call to our arrival and job completion.

Customizing work
Professionals who perform car customization work must also be skilled at basic welding, soldering and other automotive repair similar to the work performed by a traditional auto technician or mechanic. Vehicle customization often involves the installation of replacement parts in favor of high performance parts.

Seat cover fitment
Designed according to the contours of the original seat, bucket fit seat covers are made for the ultimate, snug fitting. Covers for all car seats and models are custom made as per the shape and curves of the original car seat. Bucket fit seat covers have 3 plastic strips stitched in the lining of the cover. These plastic strips are then tied to the seat cushion and seat back to take its shape for the perfect fitting.

Don’t worry, this will not spoil your original seat cushion and if done right then there will be no lasting impact on your original car seat cushions.

When it comes to taking care of your car, you only want to work with the best. AAG offers a range of auto detailing services that keep your vehicle looking and feeling fresh, both inside and out. We offer tried and tested auto care methods, using the most trusted detailing products to make your vehicle shine and look brand new. If you are looking for auto care experts you can trust, you have definitely come to the right place.

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